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Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's amazing how many news stories on this president's incompetence you can find in such a short time.

First, we have the investigation into the White House response to hurricane Katrina suggesting (by Republicans no less) that the president's poor response was disturbing.

"We are left with a picture of a White House that was plagued by the fog of war," said David Marin, the Republican staff director to the House committee investigating the government's response to the hurricane. "The committee is likely to find a disturbing inability by the White House to de-conflict and analyze information — and that had consequences."

In the same article is this unintentional gem.

The investigators expressed frustration that the White House did not seem to have been more actively involved. But Mr. Duffy, echoing a point made by Mr. Rapuano, said: "The White House should not be making combat decisions in Iraq. The same is true for a domestic emergency response."

I get what he's trying to say, but it came out like he was saying this White House isn't fit to make any decisions at all. Which is probably about right.

Then there is this Salon Article discussing Bush's PFIAB (President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board) designed to provide non-partisan interpretation of foreign intelligence that most members of Congress don't have access to. And guess what? All but 3 of them are total cronies, Bush rangers, pioneers and retired Republican lawmakers kicked out of their old jobs with no intelligence or foreign service experience.

Congressman Murtha has declared that Iraq is in a state of Civil War. We agree, for weeks now the "murder rate" in Iraq has been so high that it should have been more accurately described as a casualty rate. People being "murdered" in the thousands per month is no longer just crime, that's a freaking war.

Then there is the ultra-creepy appointment by Bush of the federal prosecutor pursuing Abramhoff, Noel Hillman the Chief of the DoJ's Office of Public Integrity, to the Federal Bench. That is an action that just does not pass the smell test.

Finally in the generalized incompetence file is evidence the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow. The gap is apparently largest in New York, but I'm hardly surprised as it is the state with the highest per-capita income (it also has some of the highest wages for labor as well). That's where the richest freaking people in the world live at the same time you have constant immigration, but at least they have a social safety net. Anyway, the real question is, which states have the highest poverty rates. Oh yeah.

Ten States with Highest Poverty Rates, 2 year average from 2002-2003. The state with the highest rate is Arkansas at 18.8%, and the spread of the top ten is between 14-18.8%. Compare that to the individual poverty rate national average of 12.3% and the 5 states with the lowest poverty rates: Connecticut 8.2%, Delaware 8.2%, Maryland 8.2%, Minnesota 6.9% and New Hampshire at 5.8%.

Source: 2003 statistics from U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Survey of Current Business, See here.


Dr. Laura, Please Help Me said...

While I agree that the lack of social programs and healthcare, etc are compouded by conservative governments, these governements are merely a reaction to the underlining infrastructural problems that the South has faced for a long time. The impoverished inhabitants of these states react to a percieved pretention of liberals by voting for the 'family-friendly" Republicans.

2:46 AM, June 23, 2006


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