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Friday, December 22, 2006

BBC radio
Anyone who gets BBC radio can listen in today to "World Have Your Say" (you can also listen online from their site) between 1:45 and 2pm EST today to hear me as "quitter" discuss Virgil Goode's rather odd antipathy towards the Koran and Minnesota Rep.-elect Keith Ellison's desire to use the Koran during his public swearing in ceremony.

It's interesting that we're even having this debate since people seem to think that swearing on the Bible is some kind of requirement for becoming a member of congress (it is not) essentially Ellison wants to have a picture of himself holding a Koran for the public ceremony and Virgil Goode seems to have a problem with this.

As a member of his district it's not so much the non-existent issue of the swearing in process that we find disturbing but his hostility to Muslims as a whole in terms of immigration and participation as US citizens that is the problem. He more or less explicitly says he doesn't want Muslims to become US citizens in his letter, and that is what I find disturbing, hopefully the other contributors to the show will acknowledge this, but who knows.

It will also feature Glenn Greenwald of Unclaimed Territory, Debbie Schlussel of (for background on her insanity read her post on Barack Obama), and Myron from Republitarian. It should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Kick some ass - we'll be listening! WoooHooo!

12:37 PM, December 22, 2006

Anonymous said...

i missed it, but reading the comments at the BBC site saw this:

"I am disgusted at the Americans that are showing such ignorrance."

The speaker's points are fine, but I nevertheless have to be snotty about her spelling. It's a compulsion.

2:08 PM, December 22, 2006


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