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Monday, December 11, 2006

Hey, here's a little tip for your next New York trip. If you go to NYC and go to time square and take pictures of the ads like it's some kind of novelty, you need to immediately insert an icepick into the orbit of your eye, and push it back-and-forth in your frontal lobe until the lobotomy is complete. Seriously.

That, and if you go to NYC and eat nowhere but at the Olive Garden and McDonalds, seriously, just stay home. Order in your 2000 calorie meals and take pictures of the ads during the O.C. or American Idol or whatever the hell idiotic crap is on your TV sapping your intelligence. You'll save money and not be in the way of all the New Yorkers who are just in Times Square because that's where all the movie theaters are. They'll thank you, or at least stop mentally wishing for your death.

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