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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Punishing polls
Americans hate Republican governance, and they hate Bush's war. just check out the latest polling it's the worst ever for Bush.

Just 21 percent approve of President Bush's handling of the war, the lowest number he's ever received, and an 8-point drop from just a month ago.


Opposition to the war is now taking on historic proportions, with 62 percent saying it was "a mistake" to send U.S. troops to Iraq - slightly more than told a Gallup Poll in 1973 that it was a mistake to send U.S. forces to Vietnam.


Seventy-one percent say the war is going badly, including 39 percent who believe the war is going very badly. Just 25 percent say it's going well. The negative assessment of the war was shared by a majority of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.


Sixty percent think that Iraq will never become a stable democracy - the highest number ever - while 85 percent now characterize the situation there as a civil war.

Well, Bush won't admit Iraq is a civil war, but sadly reality has a liberal bias. Everyone else seems to be able to smell the shit sandwich and he's looking more and more like the Worst President Ever.

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Ted said...

The retired generals met with the President yesterday and told him not to withdraw. He's found someone qualified to buttress his position against the ISG and that's what counts. Because, you see, he is a man of principle that is unswayed by public opinion.

But the five agreed in telling Bush that the Army and Marine Corps both need to be bigger, and also need bigger budgets.

Oh yeah, and he also asked Eliot A. Cohen's opinion. I wonder how that went.

Rev. Dr, have you ever seen the movie Why We Fight? Just curious.

8:24 AM, December 12, 2006

Rev. Dr. said...

I've read enough about the film to get hte gist.

From what I've been hearing though the bigger issue is supplies. Apparently the army has burned through a huge amount of its equipment, and unless it gets a major resupply, more soldiers or maintaining current levels won't make a difference.

8:39 AM, December 12, 2006

Ted said...

I've read enough about the film to get hte gist.

I highly recommend seeing it in full from your local Blockbuster. It's a very good movie, and will only take about two hours of your life, but Eugene Jarecki does a very good job on this kind of thing. And surprisingly, most military people will agree with the premise and content of the movie. The people that oppose it are the political elites because it questions their fundamental ideology and allows regular people into the discussion.

Jarecki also did a bangup job on The Trials of Henry Kissinger. In my opinion, he does more to unwrite official history than most because it's hard to unring the bell once you hear it rung in a clear tone.

As for supplies, that's why I recommend the movie. It discusses the need to maintain a standing army, how it interweaves economically and politically and what it means to our congressmen and their local economies.

Our economy is bolstered in no small part by the complex, and burning through the treasury in order to manufacture supplies -- ordnance, equipment, personnel, infrastructure is part of the way things work. Unless we change the way things work, this will go on indefinitely, not because we have enemies but because it's how we do business. If there are no enemies, we'll create some, in order to exercise the system.

9:46 AM, December 12, 2006

Rev. Dr. said...

Yes, I realize it was based on Eisenhower's famous "militarial industrial complex" warning in his last address as president.

11:37 AM, December 12, 2006


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