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Friday, January 19, 2007

Favorite Democratic Action of the Day
Again, a passive act. Today it's scaring Bush into making wiretaps subject to courts once again.

And did you read about the grilling that the Democrats gave Gonzalez? Greenwald has a transcript.

Feingold's first question - "do you know of any one in the country who opposed eavesdropping on terrorists?"

Gonzales: Sure - if you look at blogs today, there is a lot of concern about all types of eavesdropping, who don't want us eavesdropping at all.

Feingold: Do you know anyone in government who ever took that position?

Gonzales: No, but that is not what I said.

Feingold: It is a disgrace and disservice to your office and the President to have accused people on this Committee of opposing eavesdropping on terrorists.

Gonzales: I didn't have you in mind or anyone on the Committee when I referred to people who oppose eavesdropping on terrorists. Perish the thought.

Feingold: Oh, well it's nice that you didn't have us "in your mind" when making those accusations, but given that you and the President were running around the country accusing people of opposing eavesdropping on terrorists in the middle of an election, the fact that you didn't have Congressional Democrats in "mind" isn't significant. Your intent was to make people think that anyone who opposed the "TSP" did not want to eavesdrop on terrorists, even though that was false. No Democrats oppose eavesdropping on terrorists.

Gonzales: I wasn't referring to Democrats.

Ha! I love seeing these guys get raked over the coals.



Archibald Tuttle said...

"The orders the government has obtained will allow the necessary speed and agility while providing substantial advantages. Accordingly, under these circumstances the president has determined not to reauthorize the Terrorist Surveillance Program."

Gonzales and other officials refused to divulge details of the orders that the FISA court adopted Jan. 10. A senior Justice Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, acknowledged there had been "modifications" in the program. But the official said the court did not grant blanket approval to the program, indicating that officials would continue to have to establish probable cause of individual links to terrorism, at least in some cases. The surveillance orders are good for 90 days and can be renewed.

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

We're on the road to automated warrants created by triggered rules; programmatic in nature. Democracy with minimal human oversight.

Go ahead. Bet me.

4:33 PM, January 19, 2007


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