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Monday, January 08, 2007

Lieberman - the party traitor
The WaPo has an article detailing LiebesBush's current status as an "independent", if you mean by independent that he is so busy cupping Bush's balls that Condi's getting jealous.

The WaPo profile maybe unintentially calling LeibesBush what he is - a Republican.

Across town an hour earlier, at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman shared his own thoughts on Bush's plan. "We need an increase in troops there now," he asserted before an audience of military experts and academics. "It must be substantial, and it must be sustained."


But on Iraq, Lieberman is more in sync with Bush than are many Republicans. He is a passionate defender of the war as a death struggle against Islamic terrorism.

The November election swept Republicans out of power in Congress and signaled that voters are deeply unhappy about the course of the Iraq war. The asterisk is Lieberman, who won a fourth term in an antiwar state with strong support from Republican and unaffiliated voters.


Lately he has dropped the "Democrat" half of his affiliation, describing himself at the Friday event merely as an independent. He even holds out the possibility that he would back a supporter of the Iraq war, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), in the 2008 presidential race...

We told you people, the man is just a freaking Republican. It's not even clear how he's really somehow a stealth liberal on classic democratic issues given his decades of whoredom for insurance and pharmaceutical companies. What's even more embarrassing though is how every other Democrat has to kiss his ass endlessly for fear he might defect.

Democrats grumble off the record that Lieberman is muddying an increasingly unified Democratic message on Iraq, but their public comments are cautious and generally complimentary. They pretended not to notice his brief appearance at the Library of Congress retreat, which overlapped with the AEI forum.

"It's important to hear a lot of views, which is quite different from what happens in the White House," Schumer said. Or, as Reid put it: "Joe Lieberman could so easily be with us, but he doesn't want to be. I respect that. He's a good man."

Is it really worth having the senate? I'm torn. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll accidentally break is neck trying to kiss the inside of Bush's ass.

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