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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SOTU Mockery.
Ok, idiocy by idiocy.

First, we must balance the federal budget. We can do so without raising taxes. What we need to do is impose spending discipline in Washington, D.C. We set a goal of cutting the deficit in half by 2009 -- and met that goal three years ahead of schedule. Now let us take the next step. In the coming weeks, I will submit a budget that eliminates the federal deficit within the next five years. I ask you to make the same commitment. Together, we can restrain the spending appetite of the federal government, and balance the federal budget.

So what about this guy makes him think he's the guy for this job? And spending discipline on Washington? From Bush? The biggest spender in the history of the world? What crack is this guy smoking? Notice again he takes credit for cutting a deficit he created in half.

In 2005 alone, the number of earmarks grew to over 13,000 and totaled nearly $18 billion. Even worse, over 90 percent of earmarks never make it to the floor of the House and Senate -- they are dropped into committee reports that are not even part of the bill that arrives on my desk. You did not vote them into law. I did not sign them into law.

A Republican complaining about earmarks when it was Republican spending bills that broke every single earmarking record in our country's history? Really? The other joke is we're looking at 18 billion dollars. What did Iraq cost? 1.3 trillion dollars? This is like complaining about dropping a penny when you've just spent a thousand dollars on crack.

Five years ago, we rose above partisan differences to pass the No Child Left Behind Act -- preserving local control, raising standards in public schools, and holding those schools accountable for results. And because we acted, students are performing better in reading and math, and minority students are closing the achievement gap.

Umm, no, no and no. As we've discussed multiple times previously, No Child Left Behind is a cynical scam that allows for a rapid and superficial increase in test scores based upon teaching to the test, and the inevitable poor first year of testing. If you were to eliminate the first year of data on the standardized testing scam there would be no effect. They get an apparent positive effect from standardized testing by teaching to the test after a year of missing targets, and then weakening the standards. Testing is not eduction. It's a useful tool, but it is not an education unto itself. I have yet to meet a single teacher who does not view these tests with total contempt.

Tonight, I propose two new initiatives to help more Americans afford their own insurance. First, I propose a standard tax deduction for health insurance that will be like the standard tax deduction for dependents. Families with health insurance will pay no income or payroll taxes on $15,000 of their income. Single Americans with health insurance will pay no income or payroll taxes on $7,500 of their income. With this reform, more than 100 million men, women, and children who are now covered by employer-provided insurance will benefit from lower tax bills.

This is the biggest fuck-you to the poor ever. Basically, the people that will benefit from this are ones that already can afford health insurance. Hey moron, the people who don't have health insurance because they can't afford it, can't magically buy it on maxed out credit cards and food stamps so they can get a magical tax deduction. This is just brain dead.

It is in our vital interest to diversify America's energy supply -- and the way forward is through technology. We must continue changing the way America generates electric power -- by even greater use of clean coal technology ... solar and wind energy ... and clean, safe nuclear power. We need to press on with battery research for plug-in and hybrid vehicles, and expand the use of clean diesel vehicles and biodiesel fuel. We must continue investing in new methods of producing ethanol -- using everything from wood chips, to grasses, to agricultural wastes.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, this is his 7th address where he's mentioned alternative energy, and we've seen 7 years of inaction on this issue. His solution? Ethanol, which currently takes more energy to produce than it provides and is essentially a subsidy for Monsanto. I'll pass. Let's get some real alternatives, or at the very least remove price controls so there's actual competition to reduce ethanol prices.

Every success against the terrorists is a reminder of the shoreless ambitions of this enemy. The evil that inspired and rejoiced in 9/11 is still at work in the world. And so long as that is the case, America is still a nation at war.


The war on terror we fight today is a generational struggle that will continue long after you and I have turned our duties over to others. That is why it is important to work together so our Nation can see this great effort through. Both parties and both branches should work in close consultation. And this is why I propose to establish a special advisory council on the war on terror, made up of leaders in Congress from both political parties. We will share ideas for how to position America to meet every challenge that confronts us. And we will show our enemies abroad that we are united in the goal of victory.

Ahh yes, the appeal to 9/11 to justify endless war. A "generational struggle"? No thanks. We don't need another drug war, a pointless and endless waste of money that only seems to punish the wrong people while ignoring the real enemies. And I don't even need to mock his pathetic excuse for "foreign policy". It mocks itself. Never has there been a president more ineffective at waging a war or managing foreign policy. Really, has there been a worse one? At least Nixon went to China.

This speech, more than anything, proves this man is an ineffectual and increasingly irrelevant idiot, and today more than any day before, the Worst President Ever.

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Reen said...

Have I just erased the memory of previous SOTU addresses from my mind, or was that America's Honor Roll thing he did at the end totally weird? Hey, you founded the Baby Einstein company, and you, you saved a guy from a subway train. What the heck was that? Magic filler?

7:51 AM, January 24, 2007

Ted said...

How can you mock something that parodies itself? Have you no concern that the fabric of the universe may tear?

For God's sake -- be responsible. Your fisking is akin to giving a world class maglab to FSU. You just know that a black hole is only few minutes away from being created by some drunk frat boy.

9:07 AM, January 24, 2007

Rev. Dr. said...


Actually I wasn't really trying to fisk, as you might of notice most of my responses are the writing equivalent of pointing and laughing.

12:26 PM, January 24, 2007


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