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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Traitor Joe Strikes again
The Senate has failed to get a resolution passed for withdrawal from Iraq. Wondering why? Why LiebesBush of course.

The Reid Resolution to require a troop withdrawal beginning in 120 days and with a completion goal of March 31, 2008, failed 48-50. For those keeping score at home, those opposing were the 49 Republicans and Joe Lieberman.

Benedict Arnold doesn't seem mean enough an epithet to describe old LiebesBush. I need some kind of insult that combines a Benedict Arnold (for supporting this war against all the interests of this country and the treason to the Democratic party) and the state of being a thrall to a complete and total moron. Kakistocracy should be part of the insult. He's a Kakistocratic Benedict Arnold.

Gotta figure out how to clean that up. Kakistodict. Benedict Kakistocrat. Hmmm.

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