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Monday, March 26, 2007

Bill Maher on Bush and Cheney
I saw this on Friday night.

Bill Maher at his best. Probably the best indictment I've heard of Bush and Cheney on a specific scandal yet.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Are we just going to have to impeach him?
This is a week I really wish the new Democratic majority would really show it has a pair. I realize, they're trying to meet the Republican half-way, and without a significant majority they just don't have much choice. But with the saber-rattling over Iran, and the absolute brain-dead single-mindedness of their pursuit of a policy of escalation, in the face of a populace, a congress, and the world dead-set against it, I wonder will nothing penetrate the thick skulls of these morons?

Just look at the weekend's news. 125 killed in a single blast in Baghdad, and an estimated 1000 killed in a single week. Coverage of the refuge crisis in Iraq. We've lost 3096 soldiers, and (I've heard this quite a bit before it hit the media) we're sending them in with a severe equipment shortage. That is despite a budget cutting healthcare and education to extend the war. Military experts discussing the idiocy of an attack on Iran while Bush and co. are increasing the rhetoric, and possibly creating a situation in which an "Archduke Ferdinand" moment might occur.

Meanwhile a fascinating piece in the NYT about how we're contracting out vital government functions to private industry, and rather than experiencing lower costs from the private sector we see decreased competition, increased waste, increased fraud, decreased transparency, and essentially every worst nightmare of the feared corporatocracy.

So what do we have here? An incompetent administration, determined to follow a set and disastrous course of action no matter what. Congress is against them. Every military official who is free to speak their minds (it was a selection process after all to end up with our current set) opposes them. The people of America oppose them. Yet they continue? How do they have the gall? How do they have the complete and utter gall to ignore everybody and continue on a course of action which has been an unmitigated disaster?

The only answer I can think of, and based on Cheney's Larry King interview I believe the evidence is on my side, is that Bush and Cheney are insane. They think they are winning and that we are the ones who are insane. I'm wondering if we need to invoke the 25th Amendment on Bush, and then immediately again on Cheney. There is just no stopping them.

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