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Monday, December 18, 2006

I wish they'd call this surge or boost what it is - escalation. It sounds like Bush has decided to completely ignore the Iraq Study Groups conclusions (aided and abetted by party-traitors like Lieberman), and actually send more troops into this pointless war.

I've been irritated about these articles since they started talking about them last week. But then, to cheer me up, here comes Colin Powell, with a brand new set of "retirement balls" as SNL called them, saying the obvious we're losing and we should leave.

Hey, whatever stupid mistakes Powell made shilling for this administration I'm willing to forgive for his candid advice now. This is a mistake, it will only get worse, we're a sitting duck in the middle of a religious civil war, and we should leave, ASAP. You're damn right buddy.

I guess we could stay, and ignore our death tolls, as long as we kill lots of Iraqis so it doesn't seem so bad.

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