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Monday, December 18, 2006

Newt Gingrich, traitor
Newt Gingrich is planning to create a 527 dedicated to treason.

No really, it's in the NYT.

The committee will also promote Mr. Gingrich’s latest manifesto, a 10-point Contract With America for the 21st century, which includes Social Security privatization, electoral reform, radical streamlining of government, and "patriotic education" for schoolchildren and immigrants. The document also includes a call to "recenter America on the creator from whom all our liberties come" and to appoint judges who understand "the centrality of God in American history."

He's trying to destroy the constitution that he swore to uphold. Isn't that treason?

Hmmm. I guess it's not technically giving "aid and comfort to our enemies", and the enemies in this case might be the British 230 years ago. But still, isn't this just a little bit sick? Isn't this guy supposedly all about smaller government? Wouldn't this be the ultimate intrusion of government into our private lives? TJ would be pissed, that's for sure.

Also, isn't this whole idea kind of stupid that god is "central" in our history? Unless you're Mormon or something, very little of American history is about revelations, prophecy, or things in which I would put god in the "center". Manifest Destiny maybe, in that case "god" allowed us the moral superiority to drive out everyone living West of the Mississippi so we could expand all the way to the west coast. A bunch of believer flew some planes into our buildings a few years ago, and even Falwell and Robertson said that was god punishing us, so I guess that's another example.

What are some more examples of god being central in American history? And you can't just go and say god does everything, that's a cop out.

P.S., one of my proudest moments was meeting Newt Gingrich, getting his autograph, and then saying it's a damn shame people like him prevent us from treating people like his sister like human beings.

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